Sprint Challenge Brief:

Technologies for improved delivery of supplemental oxygen

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Sprint Challenge Description

On behalf of a coalition of industry and government sponsors, TechConnect Ventures is seeking immediate responses demonstrating technologies which can improve the delivery of oxygen therapy or supplemental oxygen in home use and other non-intensive care environments. Responses to this Sprint may describe technological enhancements to address a range of factors that limit currently available oxygen delivery solutions, such as system portability, oxygen flow rate, monitoring, and delivery system autonomy. Solutions from organizations of all types are invited, including academia, research, start-ups, small-to-medium enterprise and more.

Business Opportunity

Top technologies will be considered for both current and future development, funding, licensing and acquisition Opportunities by TechConnect Ventures' diverse cross-section of Sprint sponsors, including frontline organizations and their partners. Certain top technologies will also be featured in an upcoming COVID-19 Innovation Opportunity Report which will be promoted across all of TechConnect Ventures' corporate, agency and investment partners.

Why are we running this Sprint?

Many of the primary and most debilitating symptoms of COVID-19 are respiratory in nature, ranging from mild shortness of breath to severe acute respiratory distress syndrome. The prevalence of respiratory symptoms beyond the course of initial infection and recovery have been shown in certain cases to last from weeks to months or longer. For many recovering COVID-19 patients, the availability of reliable, effective oxygen treatment technologies may represent a critical component to maintaining stable quality of life.

Current evidence suggests that home oxygen therapy technologies and other options for supplemental oxygen treatment are currently insufficient to meet the complexity of demand. Issues exist with regards to both form and function of existing systems, such as:

  • Lack of portability of many existing oxygen delivery systems
  • Insufficient flow rate / oxygen density delivered
  • Lack of autonomous, self-adjusting or easily self-managed oxygen delivery systems
  • Lack of effective, affordable sensors for monitoring patients and devices

The goal of this Sprint is to accelerate new solutions to fill these glaring technological gaps, by identifying innovations that can transform the future of supplemental oxygen delivery, including devices, materials, designs, processes, power systems, hardware and software.

Potential Solutions

TechConnect Ventures invites any and all responses describing innovations to drive the next generation of oxygen delivery technologies. This includes innovations that will address areas such as lightweight and small footprint technologies, improved capacity, physiological sensors for physical activity and breathing, predictors of oxygen desaturation, and/or innovations for more precise, intelligent and tunable oxygen delivery in home-use/self-managed environments (including autonomous systems).

TechConnect Ventures is seeking partners from all industries and disciplines to propose solutions. Any and all novel potential technologies that can be used to create oxygen delivery solutions are of interest for this Sprint.


All Submissions must include a completed Submission Webform (link). Submit only NON-CONFIDENTIAL information.

Within the Submission Webform your Entry should address the Problem Statement through the following:

  • A non-confidential summary of your technology or innovation, including any technical data and details on performance as it applies to the Problem Statement
  • Value proposition and (potential) commercial impact
  • Development status and readiness level
  • Development and scale-up pathway (if available)
  • Intellectual property position
  • Funding and award status (if applicable)
  • Type of partnership or commercial relationship sought with Innovation Seekers
  • Company or organizational profile
  • Contact, team and organizational information

Respondents are also invited to upload one (1) supplemental file (max. size 10MB) containing their unique technology pitch, presentation or white paper summary.


TechConnect Ventures and the members of its COVID-19 coalition will review all submissions within 4-6 weeks of the Submission Deadline. Based on the nature of the innovation and strength of the response relative to all submissions received, top innovators may be selected for further discussions, pitches or proposals which may lead to contractual or commercial engagements for the research, development or commercialization of the most promising technologies.


Contact info@techconnectventures.com and reference the Sprint Topic.


  1. You must complete the provided Submission webform on the Sprint Submission page.
  2. You are encouraged to submit a short presentation or pitch deck. A template is available on the Submission page.

Solvers are encouraged to review the Rules and Guidelines provided on the Sprint page for details about participation, including submission criteria, eligibility information, and more.

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QUESTIONS? Contact Executive Director, Nick Kacsandi at info@techconnectventures.com